Team Leader Naomi Njuguna

Team Leader
Naomi Njuguna

The ASK Justice Teaching team has the task of developing university-level course material that can be used to educate students about the human rights aspects of intellectual property.

The objective of this work is to develop resources to assist not only network members but also other similarly situated scholars to teach topics that are relevant within the intersection of human rights and intellectual property (IP).”

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The team is in the process of developing two primers on intellectual property (IP) and human rights. Both will offer an introduction to the way in which human rights and intellectual property are interrelated, but one will be optimised for an IP course and the other for a human rights course.

We are also producing a curriculum for a course on IP and human rights, consisting of a replication guide, course outline, handbook and slides. Hand-in-hand with the course material, we are preparing a curriculum review tool that will enable scholars to review a given curriculum to determine to what extent it covers essential human rights concerns around IP. Academics will be able to use the tool to establish to what an extent a degree such as an LLB or LLM teaches students about issues at the core of IP and human rights. Utilising expertise developed by the University of Nairobi, this tool will enable peer review of course offerings as well as self-assessment and evaluation of teaching methodology.

Once the curriculum review tool is available, we will publish a paper discussing the processes involved in producing it.

By integrating the human rights angle into mainstream IP course offerings, the project will strengthen the sustainability of teaching, research and public voice on these issues in higher education in Africa.

All resources produced for the Teaching component of ASK Justice will be open access under open Creative Commons licences.